Being installed in minutes, not hours

You can download and try DATACAP before buying it! This download contains the fully functional version of the application including all features.

Version Publication date Download
Release 1.18.0
Release 1.17.0
Release 1.16.0
Release 1.15.0
Release 1.14.0
Release 1.13.0
Release 1.12.0
Release 1.11.0
Release 1.10.0
Release 1.9.0
Release 1.8.0

5 Reasons to buy a new Scanner Solution

With old barcode scanners, no matter if mobile or stationary, the disadvantages sooner or later will outweigh the benefits. Work processes in the warehouse or in production are made more difficult and slowed down, performance decreases. A timely changeover to more modern MDE solutions can prevent this. The following points provide initial orientation.

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Selection Criteria to be considered

On the one hand, customers expect faster deliveries. On the other hand, the diversity of variants and miniaturization pose great challenges for logistics and warehouse management. Mobile data capture plays an important role in this context. Against this background, we are discussing which criteria are to be considered when choosing a barcode scanner.

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