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You may notice that your customers’ tasks are becoming more extensive and more specific at the same time. Increasing digitalization and the growth of cloud computing are fuelling many other technologies. Mobile data acquisition has a special role here. There’s a solution fixing this: DATACAP. Your customers using Dynamics 365 Business Central can benefit from our solution in many ways.


Upgrading your Solution Portfolio - Achieving more Turnover

Generally, you can increase turnover by offering extra services. Perhaps you already have a portfolio of add-ons and other services that our MDE solution would fit well into. As the importance of mobile data acquisition is increasing in almost all divisions today, DATACAP will be a very sensibly upgrade for your solution portfolio. This is especially true if your customers focus on logistics, warehouse management, production or supply chain tasks.

Custom Development: Avoiding Risks and Costs

Custom development often bears risks, especially in the development phase and in the early stages of operation. It is not uncommon that software needs to be changed, adapted and partially be redeveloped. As we have developed the solution ourselves, still being responsible for it, you no longer need to take these risks. DATACAP has already been tested several times in practice and has proven its worth. You will also benefit from our regular innovations and improvements.

Development: Familiar Environment, Stable Processes

Scan and input masks have been developed in AL or C/AL programming language. Developers using Dynamics 365 Business Central know well in that area. Thus, you won’t need time-consuming conversions and customizations. If you program apps for mobile and stationary data acquisition, your existing internal processes for developing customer requirements will remain in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Easily adapt the Solution, your Customers can get started quickly

Dynamics 365 Business Central is known for its customization being quick and easy. Using DATACAP, scan and input masks can be adapted to individual customer needs just as easily. If your customers do not have any special requirements at first or would like to test the solution, the apps included offer possibilities to quickly become familiar with the basic functions and thus work productively.

Clear Price Model, low Entry Barriers

Our price model is simple and clear. The cheapest DATACAP version also includes free use for one scanner.

Same User Interface: Your Customers will get along quickly

Your customers using Dynamics 365 Business Central will already be familiar with the interface. This allows seamless switching between the ERP modules and DATACAP: This means they will learn operating faster, there will be fewer mistakes and work will be more productive in total.

Maintain Customer Loyalty: Proactively create your Add-on Solution

If a third-party solution linked to the ERP system does not work properly, the customer often blames both parties. In addition, third-party solution providers often rashly refer customers to the provider or the manufacturer of the ERP software if there are any problems. Regardless of who is to blame: Both sides often lose customer confidence. You can avoid this by making your customers aware of such scenarios and offering a better solution. DATACAP is suitable for this as the software has been developed in the same environment as Dynamics 365 Business Central, integrates seamlessly and is fully-compatible.

Moreover, you can expand customer relations by extending Dynamics 365 Business Central with a specific solution developed with the same code. You are point of contact for installation, app development and all related issues. This way you remain in close contact with your customers by intensifying and deepening relationships.

Become a Partner

You are a Microsoft partner aiming to add the ISV module DATACAP to your customers’ NAV licenses? Fill out the form and you will be listed as an authorized distributor in the Microsoft partner source Business Center within a few minutes.

Let us now come to the best part!

The license for the first device (e.g. scanner) is on us! So you can (or your customer) use DATACAP+ without restrictions with a scanner in the warehouse or in production productively - free of charge.

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