Mobile und Stationary Data Acquisition

No matter if articles on mobile and stationary data acquisition or digital solutions for inventory management and production. Everything that is interesting and worth knowing finds its place here being intended to provide “first-hand” reporting.

Field Service Manage­ment Software: Advantages & Selection Criteria

The market for technical field service is growing - and also the challenges involved. Field service management software brings work processes together and provides an overview - from making appointments to the successful completion of work. In the following, we are discussing five opportunities of these solutions as well as further selection tips.

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Mobile Device Scanners & Bar­codes: 3 Advantages in Field Service Management

Nowadays, a successful field management increasingly depends on meaningful, quickly available and reliable data. Mobile data acquisition using barcodes can provide valuable support here.

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Less Inventory Effort, fewer Barcode Scanners

Mobile barcode scanners play an important role in inventory. If you notice that there are not enough scanners being available, extra work, frustration and costly delays can occur. However, purchasing too many barcode scanners can drive up inventory costs unnecessarily. The following tips can provide short- and long-term relief.

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New Web Address, familiar Concept

Our handheld server MDE+ has renamed itself and moved! For our loyal customers, followers and partners the new name and the move may not be news. However, in order to thank everyone involved and to introduce ourselves to new customers, we would like to officially declare our move at this point.

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How to prepare Warehouse Processes for Mobile Scanner Implementation

You will not always immediately realize the performance increases expected from the implementation of new MDE solutions. In many cases, this is due to underlying warehouse processes. Furthermore, efficiency gains in neighbouring departments or in the back office will often not receive attention. In the following article, we will explain, what should be kept in mind.

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Mobile Device Scanners & paperless picking in the warehouse

Sounds paradoxical: When mobile data acquisition is introduced in the warehouse, the first fruits are often reaped outside. Picking can sometimes even slow down - a circumstance that sometimes unsettles warehouse management. We list up three common causes for this, followed by three tips that increase picking speed.

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